Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fed Panics

So Bernanke Panics and drama cuts the rate today.

The main problem I have with this move is not so much the rate cut itself; the problem lies within the intention behind it. Bernanke is trying to delay or stop the impending recession, and that is simply the worst thing he can possibly do.

Why doesn’t anyone understand that we actually need a recession? A recession is healthy for the economy. Boom and bust is capitalisms summer and winter and right now we need a nice cold winter to rest and regenerate after a brutally hot summer.

We need to decrease our spending, save money, and put an end to the mal-investment that was rampant for the past decade. A recession is very welcome at this point, and the longer we attempt to delay the recession the worse it will be when it inevitably comes. And trust me it is coming...no matter how many stimulus packages, rate cuts, or free money the government throws at us, its time to stop spending and pay the bills. The only thing we have control of is how bad and how long it’s going to be. Bernanke is only making it worse with his actions.

A 0.75 point rate cut is just going to make the clueless sheeple go deeper in debt spending on their heloc's and adjustable rate credit cards, its going to cause more people to trade on margin shorting stocks, and all the other borderline retarded things that occur which are driven with this kind of irresponsible fiscal loose money policy.

Americans need to realize that they are fighting a losing battle against a government that is not looking out for their own best interest. This has all been predicted and it hath been foretold. Hell, I am a college kid majoring in Biology and even I saw this coming, how can the ad wizards in Washington DC and Wall Street with advanced doctorate degrees in economics from Harvard not understand what’s really going on here?

I think the truth is they do know, but they just don't care because they know most Americans are to busy watching American Idol or are to stupid to even understand how corrupt and incompetent they really are.

I have a dream that someday Americans will awake from their apathy and stupidity and take their country back.

Until that day comes I will be here writing and doing my part to spread the truth ;)

"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
-- Thomas Paine


Chris said...

^ Giving loans to people with no jobs... Brilliant!!!

Isn't this what caused this whole mess in the first place?

Anonymous said...

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