Friday, January 18, 2008

Bush announces stimulus package for the economy

Will the package be a Stimpack?

Or a Super Stimpack?

-For all of you Fallout fans ;)

What is comical to me is that as the package was announced the stock market began to collapse even faster. I guess the traders on wall street did not think to highly of what was proposed.

If the feds send me a check in the mail I sure as hell will not be spending it, I will be using it to pay off the credit card debt I accumulated paying for the rising cost of food and gasoline while my wages remained virtually stagnant.

Hillary Clinton is a fraud, George Bush is a joke, Ben Bernanke is a criminal, and the house of cards that is the US economy is about to come tumbling down.


Anonymous said...

Cool man!!!! However, you forgot the Ultra-Stimpak from Fallout Tactics.

I guess we hae something to look forward to . . . . F.O.3 - if it isn't $100 after inflation.

Chris said...

I am not really excited about fall out 3 because it looks like they sold out and went to the first person shooter type combat system.

I can't stand those kind of games.

I like strategy, RPG's, and gear to determine the outcome of a fight, not l33t hand-eye coordination, call me old fashioned I guess ;)

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