Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ron Paul finishes Second in Nevada

Of course this is going to be ignored by the biased MSM. However, they can't change the fact that Ron Paul placed second in the face of a media blackout and smear campaign against him. The voters and campaign workers in Nevada should be applauded for their hard work.


Malcolm said...

I was visiting with my folks when the Nevada returns started coming in. As a compromise, we were watching it on Fox.

As soon as I saw that Paul was in second place, I said that Fox was in a pickle: since Paul is “he who must not be named”, they would have to somehow avoid mentioning him, and therefore couldn’t show the “top 3” as they usually do.

Sure enough, they show the top 3 democrats, but then only show the “top 1” republican.

My mom rightfully mentioned that come November, if it’s Mitt vs Hillary, we won’t be laughing as much as we did yesterday.

Chris said...

I have a bad feeling your worst nightmare will become a reality.

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