Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Peak Oil

Peak Oil... Coming Soon to a reality near you.

Energy Fears looming, new survivalist prepare.

BUSKIRK, N.Y. (AP) — A few years ago, Kathleen Breault was just another suburban grandma, driving countless hours every week, stopping for lunch at McDonald's, buying clothes at the mall, watching TV in the evenings.

That was before Breault heard an author talk about the bleak future of the world's oil supply. Now, she's preparing for the world as we know it to disappear.

Breault cut her driving time in half. She switched to a diet of locally grown foods near her upstate New York home and lost 70 pounds. She sliced up her credit cards, banished her television and swore off plane travel. She began relying on a wood-burning stove.

"I was panic-stricken," the 50-year-old recalled, her voice shaking. "Devastated. Depressed. Afraid. Vulnerable. Weak. Alone. Just terrible."

Convinced the planet's oil supply is dwindling and the world's economies are heading for a crash, some people around the country are moving onto homesteads, learning to live off their land, conserving fuel and, in some cases, stocking up on guns they expect to use to defend themselves and their supplies from desperate crowds of people who didn't prepare.

The exact number of people taking such steps is impossible to determine, but anecdotal evidence suggests that the movement has been gaining momentum in the last few years.

These energy survivalists are not leading some sort of green revolution meant to save the planet. Many of them believe it is too late for that, seeing signs in soaring fuel and food prices and a faltering U.S. economy, and are largely focused on saving themselves.

Some are doing it quietly, giving few details of their preparations — afraid that revealing such information as the location of their supplies will endanger themselves and their loved ones. They envision a future in which the nation's cities will be filled with hungry, desperate refugees forced to go looking for food, shelter and water.

"There's going to be things that happen when people can't get things that they need for themselves and their families," said Lynn-Marie, who believes cities could see a rise in violence as early as 2012.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The #1 Lesson I learned from the Housing Crash

Most of the stuff I write here is for entertainment value, or to just vent my anger and frustration at the corrupt and incompetent people we have running our economy and government.

However, If you only learn one thing from this blog, I want it to be this...

Never buy a condo as a primary residence!
& under no circumstances should you ever buy a one bedroom condo!

Trust me on this one, it will be the best advice you will ever get.

-If you are over the age of 62 it is alright to own a condo as a primary residence.
-It is alright to own a 2-bedroom condo as a second vacation home, but only if the monthly mortgage, taxes and carrying cost paid is less than or equal to equivalent rent in the area.

HousingFEAR Quote of the Day

"Condos stink their worst in declining economies. The ignorant owners will stop paying their maintenance fees. Then the condo board starts taking out light bulbs from the hallways to save $99 a month on electrical bills.

Condominiums should be treated like hookers. Rent them by the day/week/month but never consider buying one permanently. Let someone else marry them.
Like foreign investors."

-Wild Bill @Miamicondoinvestments.com

Monday, May 12, 2008


The video above is the original video of the sermon pastor Manning gave, hilariously, trashing Obama. Manning calls Obama a long legged mack daddy and claims the only reason Obama became popular was because of the Obama girls "54 double D's".

WARNING! The video above is a rap parody of pastor mannings sermon that is so catchy you will be singing it all day at work tomorrow. Listen at your own peril.

The first 20 seconds are kind of repetitive but give it a chance, it gets good.

P.S. 1:18-1:25 made me cry from laughing so hard the second time I watched it.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The End of the American Middle Class

(I wrote the article below back in January before the global food crisis hit the MSM. I found the excellent video above, which is a must watch for anyone who shops at wal mart, and I was inspired to to publish this a second time in case anyone missed it)

Quick History Lesson.

China is brutal, cruel and has no consideration for the welfare and rights of its own people.

For years now China has been keeping its currency artificially low even as its economy has boomed, and it's factories produced billions of dollars of cheap goods.

Why would China do this you ask?

Simple...China did not want it's own people to buy the very products they were making in the factories. They wanted to keep the value of their currency artificially low, and pay the factory workers pennies on the dollar. The Chinese people would not be able to buy the products, which allowed them to ship their crap out to Wal-Mart stores across America so US citizens could enjoy a great bargain.

As they say on the infomercials that wake you up at 4 AM... Wait... There's more!

American consumer spending was fueled primarily by debt spending. Home equity loans on houses, massive credit card debt were all the rage for the past decade and someone had to buy that debt. Guess who? It was China who would buy the American debt allowing American consumption to continue, fueling China's manufacturing economy, fueling America's consumer spending economy, buying American debt, which would keep the Yuan artificially low vs the American dollar so that Americans could continue to afford cheap Chinese products.

The sick cycle carousel continued until 2005 when China began to revalue its currency, and as the American dollar continues to collapse the whole situation is about to spin into economic disaster.

This article I found, which I posted below, really tells the whole story, Wake up America...

The stock market is about to crash.
The Fed is destroying the dollar.
Inflation is causing people to go hungry.
And Economic disaster is looming on the horizon.

It hath been fortold.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

HousingFEAR Quote of the Decade

"Dissenters who tell their fellow citizens what is really going on are subject to smear campaigns that, like clockwork, are aimed at the political heretic. Truth is treason in the empire of lies"

-Congressman Ron Paul MD.

Remember how everyone said the Seattle Market was "Special" and the Price would never decline

Seattle Sellers Forced to Lower Prices

With home sales soft, agents like Windermere's Mark Corcoran say most sellers must make concessions to be competitive.

Corcoran, whose main territory is North Seattle, recently represented the seller of a $700,000 home that quickly attracted two offers. Both were at least 10 percent below asking price, and his client declined them.

But with the real-estate market in the doldrums — April sales and prices were down from last year, according to Northwest Multiple Listing Service figures released Monday — buyers are driving hard bargains. Turning down an offer could leave sellers waiting a long time for another.

After about a month, with no buyers in sight, Corcoran's seller agreed to drop the price 5 percent. That brought a buyer who wanted the house fumigated and the hardwood floors refinished. Again the seller declined.

Finally, a fourth offer came in. It was for 2 percent below the lower asking price. But that wasn't all: The buyer also wanted the roof cleaned and repaired, a garage door replaced, a trench dug in the crawl space and several minor repairs.

This time the seller didn't dicker. She hired a handyman to complete all the tasks, and after 44 days on the market, the house was sold.

"It was quite an ordeal," Corcoran said. "The key is not to get insulted and be upset and not want to work with buyers. They're going to ask you for closing costs and fixes, and that's minor stuff once you agree on price."

Considering the number of homes on the market, sellers must be willing to negotiate.

Read Full Article Here

In true Housing Fear fashion I will sum up this article in 5 words to everyone out there who just can't understand why no one wants to buy that "special home" they are trying to sell.

...The price is wrong Bitch!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Oil price per barrel; year 1999 = $16.00

Oil price per barrel; year 2008 = $115.00

Mission Accomplished.

Bush Jr. may be the worst president ever, but he definitely ain't the dumbest.

-Thanks Lady di @Housingpanic

Friday, May 2, 2008

The New Five Dollar Bill

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