Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Credit Crisis Hits Home

Important Account Status

Notice of Credit Limit Reduction

Your Account ending in xxxxxx

Log in to Manage Your Account Online

Dear Chris xxxxxxxxxxx

We are contacting you to let you know that after a thorough review of your credit profile we have lowered the credit limit on the account listed above. We wanted you to be aware of this change immediately.

Your revised credit limit for purchases is now $7,600.00. The new cash advance limit is $200.00. Please ensure that any additional cardmembers on the account are also aware of this change.

We have sent you a letter with a full explanation of how we came to this decision, but wanted to contact you via e-mail to ensure that you were aware of the change as soon as possible.


American Express Account Services

  • I have never been late on a payment with Amex since I opened the account approx 8 years ago.
  • I have never been late or missed any payment period.
This really shows how bad things are getting that they are doing this to good customers.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HousingFEAR is One Year Old Today

Who would of thought one year ago that we would be in this mess?.... I did :)

The best thing about blogging is it gives you a voice. However, a voice means nothing without someone to listen. You the readers make the blog worthwhile, and I hope we can do this for another year.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The American Dream of Home Debtorship

Pretty interesting article that talks about how Americans traded the dream of home ownership for the nightmare of home debtorship.

Fed Report Shows Americans Have Less Home Equity Than Ever Before.

Jun 05, 2008

Falling prices are eroding the value of U.S. homes. According to a new Fed report, the equity that Americans have in their homes has dropped to the lowest level on record.


Home equity is defined as the market value of a property minus the amount owed on mortgage debts.

Since homes are the biggest asset that most people have, equity is pretty important. Unfortunately for the American people, home equity is a dwindling resource.

A Federal Reserve report released Thursday shows the amount of equity held by U.S. homeowners slid to 46.2 percent in the first quarter of 2008--the lowest percent on record.

Equity has been on the decline since the housing boom. Although home prices were rising at the time, there were a lot of homeowners who took advantage of lines of credit and cash-out loans.

Mortgage debt rose to historic proportions during this period and is still rising despite the presence of a full-blown credit crunch. During the first quarter of 2008, Americans' mortgage debt increased from $10.53 trillion to $10.6 trillion.

Underwater Mortgage

Rising debt and vanishing equity has contributed to an underwater mortgage phenomenon.

An estimated 16 percent of people with mortgages have little to no home equity left, according to Moody's By 2009, one in four mortgage holders will owe more on their home than it is worth.



Homeowners with new mortgages are suffering the worst. At the beginning of 2008, 39 percent of the people who bought a home in 2006 were underwater in their mortgage. Thirty percent of those who bought in 2007 were in the same predicament.



Negative equity rates are highest in bubblicious states like Nevada, California, Florida, and Arizona. A whopping 77 percent of the people who bought a home in Stockton, California in 2007 owe more on their home than it is worth today.

In many of these cases, negative equity problems can be traced back to the origination of the mortgage. Between 2006 and 2008, median down payments were between zero and 5 percent in boom states like California.

A lot of buyers (and lenders) gambled on the market, thinking that home prices would continue to rise--despite all evidence to the contrary. The conditions that we are seeing now are a direct result of their follies.

Source: Homeguide123

Monday, October 20, 2008

HousingFEAR Quote of the day

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

Thomas Jefferson, Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin (1802)
3rd president of US (1743 - 1826)

Business booming for balding models who specialize in ‘economic despair’ pose

I wanted to share this hilarious article with you because it is just so... true. I added some other "despair" pictures I found on other news media outlets that really prove this stereotype. :)

It was a bittersweet phone call, but one for which Hank Hallman had been waiting years. It was Oct. 2, and Hallman recalls picking up the phone and listening to the message that every professional despair model longs to hear.

“I’ll be there,” Hallman told the caller, “briefcase — and head — in hand.”

Despair models have, until recently, had a rough go of it. The soaring stock market of just a few years ago favored high-end luxury-goods models, and many despair models were unemployed for much of the bubble. Before that, the 2001 terrorist attacks were initially greeted by despair models as potentially being a nice little earner, but the despair market was quickly glutted, “co-opted by amateurs,” as Hallman puts it.

“Ironically, we do some of our best work when we ourselves are out of work,” said Chris Flump, a despair model whose work can be seen this week on the front pages of USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and the Chicago Sports Digest.

But Wall Street’s recent losses have been gains for the despair modeling industry. Unbreakable, written rules dictate that media outlets are required to publish daily photographs “of a middle-aged man in state of shock, frustration or surrender” alongside stories detailing financial crises.

“Cha-Ching,” said Hallman, before striking a “No-No-Noooooo!” pose for New York Times photographers. The photographers guide him through a series of poses.

“You’ve lost all of your clients’ money, and are now switching religions, and mentally composing a prayer to your new dark lord,” the photographer calls out. “Try this: head down, staring at the ticker over the rims of your glasses, a centrifuge is pulling all the skin on your face toward the floor … good. Now, your brain is expanding and pushing against your skull … nice. OK, you’re watching your wife cheat on you on the floor of the stock exchange — Got it! That’s the one.”

Flump feels that work will be plentiful in the coming weeks.

“I’m having to come up with new poses, because the hand-on-scalp thing is just overplayed now,” said Flump. “It looks like the same picture with every story right now. I’m experimenting with the kneel-and-sob and the hand-over-heart mixed with a hateful leer, so I can stand out a little.”

In an economic sign-of-the-times, Hallman is taking out a large loan to purchase two condo units that are still under construction a little more than a mile inland of the Miami coastline.

“Oh, it’s a massacre out there in the financial sector, so my gig is pretty safe,” says Hallman, as he practices frowning while leaning his head against a corded, wall-mounted telephone, the same kind that legally must be featured in 40% of photographs of the stock-exchange floor. “I’m trying to diversify, so that I’m not invested entirely in despair. I’m looking into slack-jawed disbelief and migraine-nose-bridge-pinching, and for my safety backup I’m developing a pose in which I squeeze back tears by putting both index fingers in the inside-corners of my eyes in anticipation of complete molecular separation of my body.”

Original story

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Don't kid Yourself, The Recession is just getting Started.

The United States of America has a phony economy based on debt and consumer spending.

66% of the GDP of the USA is now based on consumer spending.

Americans are starting to spend less money right now because the credit cards are maxed out, the home equity loans are dried up, and the unemployment rate is rising.

When Americans stop spending money, which they have too, 2/3 of the economy is going to collapse.

America once again must become a nation that produces things instead of consumes things using someone else's money.

This is not the bottom of the stock market, contrary to what you hear on the media, this is just the beginning.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I am an American!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dead Cat Bounce

Nothing has fundamentally changed with the market; it is simply a matter of value investors starting to accumulate positions or short-sellers beginning to cover. The stock may in fact be dead with no hope of ever recovering, but it will still bounce now and again, giving false hope to its investors. This is known as a "dead cat bounce."

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The US Economy is a House of Cards

What makes this video so great is that it was made in 2007 at the peak of the stock market.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

HousingFEAR Quote of the day

"The U.S. consumer is now on the ropes. The only light at the end of the tunnel is that of the incoming train wreck.'' -Nouriel Roubini

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gold Ownership will be Illegal in 10 years?

This is the most important 10 minutes of of radio you will listen too.

"The government will make it illegal for American citizens to buy gold or foreign currency"

-Peter Schiff

John McCain Just made my Head Explode

Please watch 3:56->4:40

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the Republican Candidate saying this?

If McCain is president your irresponsible neighbor who took out a bad mortgage not only gets a lower interest rate than you. THE GOVERNMENT WILL SELL THE HOUSE BACK TO THEM AT THE TRUE MARKET VALUE, TENS OF THOUSANDS DOLLARS, IF NOT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS DOLLAR LESS THAN WHAT YOU ARE PAYING!

You get nothing for doing the right thing. Even though your home lost just as much value, you still get to pay the higher price at a higher interest rate because you were smart enough to buy a house you could afford.

Sorry, I can't write anymore, my head just exploded...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

History is Repeating Itself

Herbert Hoover was one of the top 10 worst presidents this country has ever seen. His actions helped exacerbate the Great Depression, and it was because he ignored the good advice given to him by Andrew Mellon, His secretary of Treasury.

Read the following quote from this Forbes Magazine article very closely;

Mellon remembered 1907 and 1920 and knew that a key to capitalism is allowing badly run businesses to go bust in a down cycle. He told President Hoover that the destructive forces unleashed by the crash should be left free to "liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate the farmers, liquidate real estate [and so] purge the rottenness from the economy."

Unfortunately, social engineer Hoover rejected this wise advice and began to do a great deal of fiddling. As the recession deepened and persisted, he fiddled more and more. But all this fiddling did, in effect, was to keep badly run and fundamentally insolvent businesses afloat.

Jump ahead 80 years later and you have Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Many Free Market Economist and Internet bloggers saying the same thing Mellon did... Lets let the bad debt be liquidated and the insolvent companies and banks go bust. Instead, the congress and senate pass the bailout package and continue to try hopeless fiddling, just as Hoover did, and make the problems worse.

Hoover Ignored Andrew Mellon and the Great Depression became a reality. Now we are once again ignoring the same voices of reason and repeating the same mistakes that will inevitably lead lead to the next depression.

Those who don’t learn from the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat them

Monday, October 6, 2008

Invest your money in the Five G's to survive the Economic Meltdown.

Dear HousingFEAR,
Where should I put my money now to survive the coming financial armageddon?

In times like these the best place to put your money is in the five G's. Remember that law and order as we know it will begin to erode and you have to be prepared to survive, and hopefully thrive during these hard times.

Now is a great time to start "slowly" buying barrels of oil or investing in gasoline futures. I don't think we have hit the bottom yet as of October 6th, however, when you enter an inflationary environment people always flee to oil and other commodities as a safe haven to protect their wealth.


All fiat currencys eventually become worthless, History has proven this. The one thing that never becomes worthless is Gold. In fact, Precious metals are the only real "money" that you can ever count on not losing its purchasing power.


If you have the money, buy some vacant farm land you will need it to grow some food.

Speaking of Food, now is a good time to make sure you have a year or two supply of food stocked up in your home or shelter. There were global food riots earlier this year and it won't be long before it comes to America. Especially if Farmers can't get loans to grow food.


Having all the Ground, Gold, Guns and Gas in the world won't do you any good without a Gun to protect it. When law and order breaks down, you won't have the police to protect you, so be ready to protect yourself, your family from the Gangs that will be coming after you.


These are one of the G's that we don't want to see, but will be a reality when law and order break down. Gangs will form to prey on citizens and take what is yours.

So remember to stock up on your five G's while you still can. Even if you are skeptical about civilization as we know it eroding into chaos, you still can't go wrong owning Guns, Gold, Gas, and Ground so there are no excuses not to be prepared.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies

"...This is the deadening consensus that crosses party lines, that dominates our major media, and that is strangling the liberty and prosperity that were once the birthright of Americans. Dissenters who tell their fellow citizens what is really going on are subject to smear campaigns that, like clockwork, are aimed at the political heretic. Truth is treason in the empire of lies."

"There is an alternative to national bankruptcy, a bigger police state, trillion-dollar wars and a government that draws ever more parasitically on the productive energies of the American people. It's called freedom. But as we've learned through hard experience, we are not going to hear a word in its favor if our political and media establishments have anything to say about it."

"If we want to live in a free society we need to break free from these artificial limitations on free debate and start asking serious questions once again. I am happy that my campaign for the presidency has finally raised some of them. But this is a long-term project that will persist far into the future. These ideas cannot be allowed to die, buried beneath the mind-numbing chorus of empty slogans and inanities that constitute official political discourse in America. That is why I wrote this book."
-Ron Paul

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hyperinflationary Depression

Peter Schiff has been proven right above every economic prediction he has made. Today he explained that instead of having a severe recession, the passing of the bailout legislation will be the cause of a hyperinflationary depression.

If you read this blog you know I have predicted Hyperinflation for the past year also.

A Hyperinflationary depression is coming...

The sky really is falling...

And the US Dollar is doomed.


America could of had someone like this for President

Instead this country is going to get exactly what it deserves.

We are now just a Bananna Republic with Nukes.

How the House Voted (by Individual) for the Bailout

Please make a note to remember this day, and this vote, and to actively campaign against anyone in your district who voted Yes to this bill. 171 Congressmen voted No and are fighting for the American people. Unfortunately 263 voted yes, many of whom are Republican. Please make it a point to cross party lines and vote them out of office. I also want to note that any Republican who voted yes, does not have the right to ever utter the word Conservative again, much less call themselves one. This bill really is treason against the American people, and the congressmen who voted yes below have committed it.

AKAt-LargeRep. Donald Young RepublicanN
AL1Rep. Josiah Bonner Jr.RepublicanY
AL2Rep. Terry Everett RepublicanY
AL3Rep. Michael Rogers RepublicanY
AL4Rep. Robert Aderholt RepublicanN
AL5Rep. Robert Cramer DemocraticY
AL6Rep. Spencer Bachus RepublicanY
AL7Rep. Artur Davis DemocraticY
AR1Rep. Robert Berry DemocraticY
AR2Rep. Victor Snyder DemocraticY
AR3Rep. John Boozman RepublicanY
AR4Rep. Mike Ross DemocraticY
AZ1Rep. Richard Renzi RepublicanN
AZ2Rep. Trent Franks RepublicanN
AZ3Rep. John Shadegg RepublicanY
AZ4Rep. Ed Pastor DemocraticY
AZ5Rep. Harry Mitchell DemocraticY
AZ6Rep. Jeff Flake RepublicanN
AZ7Rep. Raúl Grijalva DemocraticN
AZ8Rep. Gabrielle Giffords DemocraticY
CA1Rep. Michael Thompson DemocraticY
CA2Rep. Walter Herger Jr.RepublicanY
CA3Rep. Daniel Lungren RepublicanY
CA4Rep. John Doolittle RepublicanN
CA5Rep. Doris Matsui DemocraticY
CA6Rep. Lynn Woolsey DemocraticY
CA7Rep. George Miller DemocraticY
CA8Rep. Nancy Pelosi DemocraticY
CA9Rep. Barbara Lee DemocraticY
CA10Rep. Ellen Tauscher DemocraticY
CA11Rep. Gerald McNerney DemocraticY
CA12Rep. K. Speier DemocraticY
CA13Rep. Fortney Stark DemocraticN
CA14Rep. Anna Eshoo DemocraticY
CA15Rep. Michael Honda DemocraticY
CA16Rep. Zoe Lofgren DemocraticY
CA17Rep. Sam Farr DemocraticY
CA18Rep. Dennis Cardoza DemocraticY
CA19Rep. George Radanovich RepublicanY
CA20Rep. Jim Costa DemocraticY
CA21Rep. Devin Nunes RepublicanN
CA22Rep. Kevin McCarthy RepublicanN
CA23Rep. Lois Capps DemocraticY
CA24Rep. Elton Gallegly RepublicanN
CA25Rep. Howard McKeon RepublicanY
CA26Rep. David Dreier RepublicanY
CA27Rep. Brad Sherman DemocraticN
CA28Rep. Howard Berman DemocraticY
CA29Rep. Adam Schiff DemocraticY
CA30Rep. Henry Waxman DemocraticY
CA31Rep. Xavier Becerra DemocraticN
CA32Rep. Hilda Solis DemocraticY
CA33Rep. Diane Watson DemocraticY
CA34Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard DemocraticN
CA35Rep. Maxine Waters DemocraticY
CA36Rep. Jane Harman DemocraticY
CA37Rep. Laura Richardson DemocraticY
CA38Rep. Grace Napolitano DemocraticN
CA39Rep. Linda Sánchez DemocraticN
CA40Rep. Edward Royce RepublicanN
CA41Rep. Jerry Lewis RepublicanY
CA42Rep. Gary Miller RepublicanY
CA43Rep. Joe Baca DemocraticY
CA44Rep. Ken Calvert RepublicanY
CA45Rep. Mary Bono Mack RepublicanY
CA46Rep. Dana Rohrabacher RepublicanN
CA47Rep. Loretta Sanchez DemocraticN
CA48Rep. John B.T. Campbell IIIRepublicanY
CA49Rep. Darrell Issa RepublicanN
CA50Rep. Brian Bilbray RepublicanN
CA51Rep. Bob Filner DemocraticN
CA52Rep. Duncan Hunter RepublicanN
CA53Rep. Susan Davis DemocraticY
CO1Rep. Diana DeGette DemocraticY
CO3Rep. John Salazar DemocraticN
CO4Rep. Marilyn Musgrave RepublicanN
CO5Rep. Douglas Lamborn RepublicanN
CO6Rep. Tom Tancredo RepublicanY
CO7Rep. Ed Perlmutter DemocraticY
Rep. Mark Udall DemocraticN
CT1Rep. John Larson DemocraticY
CT2Rep. Joseph Courtney DemocraticN
CT3Rep. Rosa DeLauro DemocraticY
CT4Rep. Christopher Shays RepublicanY
CT5Rep. Christopher Murphy DemocraticY
DEAt-LargeRep. Michael Castle RepublicanY
FL1Rep. Jeff Miller RepublicanN
FL2Rep. Allen Boyd Jr.DemocraticY
FL3Rep. Corrine Brown DemocraticY
FL4Rep. Ander Crenshaw RepublicanY
FL5Rep. Virginia Brown-Waite RepublicanN
FL6Rep. Clifford Stearns RepublicanN
FL7Rep. John Mica RepublicanN
FL8Rep. Ric Keller RepublicanN
FL9Rep. Gus Michael Bilirakis RepublicanN
FL10Rep. C. W. Bill Young RepublicanN
FL11Rep. Kathy Castor DemocraticN
FL12Rep. Adam Putnam RepublicanY
FL13Rep. Vern Buchanan RepublicanY
FL14Rep. Connie Mack IVRepublicanN
FL15Rep. David Weldon RepublicanY
FL16Rep. Tim Mahoney DemocraticY
FL17Rep. Kendrick Meek Sr.DemocraticY
FL18Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen RepublicanY
FL19Rep. Robert Wexler DemocraticY
FL20Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz DemocraticY
FL21Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart RepublicanN
FL22Rep. Ron Klein DemocraticY
FL23Rep. Alcee Hastings Sr.DemocraticY
FL24Rep. Tom Feeney RepublicanN
FL25Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart RepublicanN
GA1Rep. Jack Kingston RepublicanN
GA2Rep. Sanford Bishop Jr.DemocraticY
GA3Rep. Lynn Westmoreland RepublicanN
GA4Rep. Henry Johnson Jr.DemocraticN
GA5Rep. John Lewis DemocraticY
GA6Rep. Thomas Price RepublicanN
GA7Rep. John Linder RepublicanN
GA8Rep. James Marshall DemocraticY
GA9Rep. Nathan Deal RepublicanN
GA10Rep. Paul Broun RepublicanN
GA11Rep. Phil Gingrey RepublicanN
GA12Rep. John Barrow DemocraticN
GA13Rep. David Scott DemocraticY
HI1Rep. Neil Abercrombie DemocraticY
HI2Rep. Mazie Hirono DemocraticY
IA1Rep. Bruce Braley DemocraticY
IA2Rep. Dave Loebsack DemocraticY
IA3Rep. Leonard Boswell DemocraticY
IA4Rep. Thomas Latham RepublicanN
IA5Rep. Steve King RepublicanN
ID1Rep. William Sali RepublicanN
ID2Rep. Michael Simpson RepublicanY
IL1Rep. Bobby Rush DemocraticY
IL2Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.DemocraticY
IL3Rep. Daniel Lipinski DemocraticN
IL4Rep. Luis Gutierrez DemocraticY
IL5Rep. Rahm Emanuel DemocraticY
IL6Rep. Peter Roskam RepublicanN
IL7Rep. Danny Davis DemocraticY
IL8Rep. Melissa Bean DemocraticY
IL9Rep. Janice Schakowsky DemocraticY
IL10Rep. Mark Kirk RepublicanY
IL11Rep. Gerald Weller RepublicanY
IL12Rep. Jerry Costello DemocraticN
IL13Rep. Judy Biggert RepublicanY
IL14Rep. Bill Foster DemocraticY
IL15Rep. Timothy Johnson RepublicanN
IL16Rep. Donald Manzullo RepublicanN
IL17Rep. Phil Hare DemocraticY
IL18Rep. Ray LaHood RepublicanY
IL19Rep. John Shimkus RepublicanN
IN1Rep. Peter Visclosky DemocraticN
IN2Rep. Joe Donnelly Sr.DemocraticY
IN3Rep. Mark Souder RepublicanY
IN4Rep. Stephen Buyer RepublicanN
IN5Rep. Dan Burton RepublicanN
IN6Rep. Mike Pence RepublicanN
IN7Rep. André Carson DemocraticY
IN8Rep. Brad Ellsworth DemocraticY
IN9Rep. Baron Hill DemocraticN
KS1Rep. Jerry Moran RepublicanN
KS2Rep. Nancy Boyda DemocraticN
KS3Rep. Dennis Moore DemocraticY
KS4Rep. Todd Tiahrt RepublicanN
KY1Rep. Edward Whitfield RepublicanN
KY2Rep. Ron Lewis RepublicanY
KY3Rep. John Yarmuth DemocraticY
KY4Rep. Geoff Davis RepublicanN
KY5Rep. Harold Rogers RepublicanY
KY6Rep. Albert Chandler IIIDemocraticN
LA1Rep. Stephen Scalise RepublicanN
LA2Rep. William Jefferson DemocraticN
LA3Rep. Charles Melancon Sr.DemocraticY
LA4Rep. James McCrery IIIRepublicanY
LA5Rep. Rodney Alexander RepublicanY
LA6Rep. Donald Cazayoux Jr.DemocraticN
LA7Rep. Charles Boustany Jr.RepublicanY
MA1Rep. John Olver DemocraticY
MA2Rep. Richard Neal DemocraticY
MA3Rep. James McGovern DemocraticY
MA4Rep. Barney Frank DemocraticY
MA5Rep. Nicola Tsongas DemocraticY
MA6Rep. John Tierney DemocraticY
MA7Rep. Edward Markey DemocraticY
MA8Rep. Michael Capuano DemocraticY
MA9Rep. Stephen Lynch DemocraticN
MA10Rep. William Delahunt DemocraticN
MD1Rep. Wayne Gilchrest RepublicanY
MD2Rep. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger DemocraticY
MD3Rep. John Sarbanes DemocraticY
MD4Rep. Donna Edwards DemocraticY
MD5Rep. Steny Hoyer DemocraticY
MD6Rep. Roscoe Bartlett RepublicanN
MD7Rep. Elijah Cummings DemocraticY
MD8Rep. Christopher Van Hollen Jr.DemocraticY
ME1Rep. Thomas Allen DemocraticY
ME2Rep. Michael Michaud DemocraticN
MI1Rep. Bart Stupak DemocraticN
MI2Rep. Peter Hoekstra RepublicanY
MI3Rep. Vernon Ehlers RepublicanY
MI4Rep. David Camp RepublicanY
MI5Rep. Dale Kildee DemocraticY
MI6Rep. Frederick Stephen Upton RepublicanY
MI7Rep. Timothy Walberg RepublicanN
MI8Rep. Mike Rogers RepublicanN
MI9Rep. Joseph Knollenberg RepublicanY
MI10Rep. Candice Miller RepublicanN
MI11Rep. Thaddeus McCotter RepublicanN
MI12Rep. Sander Levin DemocraticY
MI13Rep. Carolyn Kilpatrick DemocraticY
MI14Rep. John Conyers Jr.DemocraticN
MI15Rep. John Dingell DemocraticY
MN1Rep. Timothy Walz Democratic/Farmer/LaborN
MN2Rep. John Kline RepublicanY
MN3Rep. James Ramstad RepublicanY
MN4Rep. Betty McCollum Democratic/Farmer/LaborY
MN5Rep. Keith Ellison Democratic/Farmer/LaborY
MN6Rep. Michele Bachmann RepublicanN
MN7Rep. Collin Peterson Democratic/Farmer/LaborN
MN8Rep. James Oberstar Democratic/Farmer/LaborY
MO1Rep. William Lacy Clay Jr.DemocraticN
MO2Rep. W. Todd Akin RepublicanN
MO3Rep. John Russell Carnahan DemocraticY
MO4Rep. Ike Skelton DemocraticY
MO5Rep. Emanuel Cleaver IIDemocraticY
MO6Rep. Samuel Graves RepublicanN
MO7Rep. Roy Blunt RepublicanY
MO8Rep. Jo Ann Emerson RepublicanY
MO9Rep. Kenny Hulshof RepublicanN
MS1Rep. Travis Childers DemocraticN
MS2Rep. Bennie Thompson DemocraticN
MS3Rep. Charles Pickering Jr.RepublicanY
MS4Rep. Gene Taylor DemocraticN
MTAt-LargeRep. Dennis Rehberg RepublicanN
NC1Rep. George Butterfield Jr.DemocraticN
NC2Rep. Bob Etheridge DemocraticY
NC3Rep. Walter Beaman Jones Jr.RepublicanN
NC4Rep. David Price DemocraticY
NC5Rep. Virginia Foxx RepublicanN
NC6Rep. John Coble RepublicanY
NC7Rep. Mike McIntyre DemocraticN
NC8Rep. Robert Hayes RepublicanN
NC9Rep. Sue Myrick RepublicanY
NC10Rep. Patrick McHenry RepublicanN
NC11Rep. Heath Shuler DemocraticN
NC12Rep. Melvin Watt DemocraticY
NC13Rep. Ralph Miller DemocraticY
NDAt-LargeRep. Earl Pomeroy Democratic-NPLY
NE1Rep. Jeff Fortenberry RepublicanN
NE2Rep. Lee Terry RepublicanY
NE3Rep. Adrian Smith RepublicanN
NH1Rep. Carol Shea-Porter DemocraticN
NH2Rep. Paul Hodes DemocraticN
NJ1Rep. Robert Andrews DemocraticY
NJ2Rep. Frank LoBiondo RepublicanN
NJ3Rep. H. James Saxton RepublicanY
NJ4Rep. Christopher Smith RepublicanN
NJ5Rep. Scott Garrett RepublicanN
NJ6Rep. Frank Pallone Jr.DemocraticY
NJ7Rep. Michael Ferguson RepublicanY
NJ8Rep. William Pascrell Jr.DemocraticY
NJ9Rep. Steven Rothman DemocraticN
NJ10Rep. Donald Payne DemocraticN
NJ11Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen RepublicanY
NJ12Rep. Rush Holt Jr.DemocraticY
NJ13Rep. Albio Sires DemocraticY
NM1Rep. Heather Wilson RepublicanY
NM2Rep. Stevan Pearce RepublicanN
NM3Rep. Tom Udall DemocraticN
NV1Rep. Shelley Berkley DemocraticY
NV2Rep. Dean Heller RepublicanN
NV3Rep. Jon Porter Sr.RepublicanY
NY1Rep. Timothy Bishop DemocraticY
NY2Rep. Steve Israel DemocraticY
NY3Rep. Peter King RepublicanY
NY4Rep. Carolyn McCarthy DemocraticY
NY5Rep. Gary Ackerman DemocraticY
NY6Rep. Gregory Meeks DemocraticY
NY7Rep. Joseph Crowley DemocraticY
NY8Rep. Jerrold Nadler DemocraticY
NY9Rep. Anthony David Weiner DemocraticY
NY10Rep. Edolphus Towns DemocraticY
NY11Rep. Yvette Clarke DemocraticY
NY12Rep. Nydia Velázquez DemocraticY
NY13Rep. Vito Fossella Jr.RepublicanY
NY14Rep. Carolyn Maloney DemocraticY
NY15Rep. Charles Rangel DemocraticY
NY16Rep. José Serrano DemocraticN
NY17Rep. Eliot Engel DemocraticY
NY18Rep. Nita Lowey DemocraticY
NY19Rep. John Hall DemocraticY
NY20Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand DemocraticN
NY21Rep. Michael McNulty DemocraticY
NY22Rep. Maurice Hinchey DemocraticN
NY23Rep. John McHugh RepublicanY
NY24Rep. Michael Arcuri DemocraticY
NY25Rep. James Walsh RepublicanY
NY26Rep. Thomas Reynolds RepublicanY
NY27Rep. Brian Higgins DemocraticY
NY28Rep. Louise McIntosh Slaughter DemocraticY
NY29Rep. John Kuhl Jr.RepublicanY
OH1Rep. Steven Chabot RepublicanN
OH2Rep. Jean Schmidt RepublicanY
OH3Rep. Michael Turner RepublicanN
OH4Rep. James Jordan RepublicanN
OH5Rep. Robert Latta RepublicanN
OH6Rep. Charles Wilson Jr.DemocraticY
OH7Rep. David Lee Hobson RepublicanY
OH8Rep. John Boehner RepublicanY
OH9Rep. Marcy Kaptur DemocraticN
OH10Rep. Dennis Kucinich DemocraticN
OH12Rep. Patrick Tiberi RepublicanY
OH13Rep. Betty Sutton DemocraticY
OH14Rep. Steven LaTourette RepublicanN
OH15Rep. Deborah Pryce RepublicanY
OH16Rep. Ralph Regula RepublicanY
OH17Rep. Timothy Ryan DemocraticY
OH18Rep. Zachary Space DemocraticY
OK1Rep. John Sullivan RepublicanY
OK2Rep. David Daniel Boren DemocraticY
OK3Rep. Frank Lucas RepublicanN
OK4Rep. Tom Cole RepublicanY
OK5Rep. Mary Fallin RepublicanY
OR1Rep. David Wu DemocraticY
OR2Rep. Greg Walden RepublicanY
OR3Rep. Earl Blumenauer DemocraticN
OR4Rep. Peter DeFazio DemocraticN
OR5Rep. Darlene Hooley DemocraticY
PA1Rep. Robert Brady DemocraticY
PA2Rep. Chaka Fattah Sr.DemocraticY
PA3Rep. Philip English RepublicanN
PA4Rep. Jason Altmire DemocraticN
PA5Rep. John Peterson RepublicanY
PA6Rep. Jim Gerlach RepublicanY
PA7Rep. Joseph Sestak Jr.DemocraticY
PA8Rep. Patrick Murphy DemocraticY
PA9Rep. Bill Shuster RepublicanY
PA10Rep. Christopher Carney DemocraticN
PA11Rep. Paul Kanjorski DemocraticY
PA12Rep. John Murtha DemocraticY
PA13Rep. Allyson Schwartz DemocraticY
PA14Rep. Michael Doyle Jr.DemocraticY
PA15Rep. Charles Dent RepublicanY
PA16Rep. Joseph Pitts RepublicanN
PA17Rep. Tim Holden DemocraticN
PA18Rep. Tim Murphy RepublicanN
PA19Rep. Todd Platts RepublicanN
RI1Rep. Patrick Kennedy DemocraticY
RI2Rep. James Langevin DemocraticY
SC1Rep. Henry Brown Jr.RepublicanY
SC2Rep. Addison Wilson Sr.RepublicanY
SC3Rep. J. Gresham Barrett RepublicanY
SC4Rep. Robert Inglis Sr.RepublicanY
SC5Rep. John Spratt Jr.DemocraticY
SC6Rep. James Clyburn DemocraticY
SDAt-LargeRep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin DemocraticN
TN1Rep. David Davis RepublicanN
TN2Rep. John Duncan Jr.RepublicanN
TN3Rep. Zach Wamp RepublicanY
TN4Rep. Lincoln Davis DemocraticN
TN5Rep. Jim Cooper DemocraticY
TN6Rep. Bart Gordon DemocraticY
TN7Rep. Marsha Blackburn RepublicanN
TN8Rep. John Tanner DemocraticY
TN9Rep. Stephen Cohen DemocraticY
TX1Rep. Louis Gohmert RepublicanN
TX2Rep. Ted Poe RepublicanN
TX3Rep. Samuel Johnson RepublicanN
TX4Rep. Ralph Hall RepublicanN
TX5Rep. Jeb Hensarling RepublicanN
TX6Rep. Joe Barton RepublicanN
TX7Rep. John Culberson RepublicanN
TX8Rep. Kevin Brady RepublicanY
TX9Rep. Al Green DemocraticY
TX10Rep. Michael McCaul RepublicanN
TX11Rep. K. Michael Conaway RepublicanY
TX12Rep. Kay Granger RepublicanY
TX13Rep. William Thornberry RepublicanY
TX14Rep. Ronald Paul RepublicanN
TX15Rep. Rubén Hinojosa Sr.DemocraticY
TX16Rep. Silvestre Reyes DemocraticY
TX17Rep. Thomas Edwards DemocraticY
TX18Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee DemocraticY
TX19Rep. Randy Neugebauer RepublicanN
TX20Rep. Charles Gonzalez DemocraticY
TX21Rep. Lamar Smith RepublicanY
TX22Rep. Nicholas Lampson DemocraticN
TX23Rep. Ciro Rodriguez DemocraticN
TX24Rep. Kenny Marchant RepublicanN
TX25Rep. Lloyd Doggett DemocraticN
TX26Rep. Michael Burgess RepublicanN
TX27Rep. Solomon Ortiz Sr.DemocraticY
TX28Rep. Henry Cuellar DemocraticY
TX29Rep. Raymond Green DemocraticN
TX30Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson DemocraticY
TX31Rep. John Carter RepublicanN
TX32Rep. Peter Sessions RepublicanY
UT1Rep. Rob Bishop RepublicanN
UT2Rep. Jim Matheson DemocraticN
UT3Rep. Chris Cannon RepublicanY
VA1Rep. Robert Wittman RepublicanN
VA2Rep. Thelma Drake RepublicanN
VA3Rep. Robert Scott DemocraticN
VA4Rep. James Randy Forbes RepublicanN
VA5Rep. Virgil Goode Jr.RepublicanN
VA6Rep. Robert Goodlatte RepublicanN
VA7Rep. Eric Cantor RepublicanY
VA8Rep. James Moran Jr.DemocraticY
VA9Rep. Frederick Boucher DemocraticY
VA10Rep. Frank Wolf RepublicanY
VA11Rep. Thomas Davis IIIRepublicanY
VTAt-LargeRep. Peter Welch DemocraticY
WA1Rep. Jay Inslee DemocraticN
WA2Rep. Rick Larsen DemocraticY
WA3Rep. Brian Baird DemocraticY
WA4Rep. Doc Hastings RepublicanN
WA5Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers RepublicanN
WA6Rep. Norman Dicks DemocraticY
WA7Rep. James McDermott DemocraticN
WA8Rep. David George Reichert RepublicanN
WA9Rep. Adam Smith DemocraticY
WI1Rep. Paul Ryan RepublicanY
WI2Rep. Tammy Baldwin DemocraticY
WI3Rep. Ronald Kind DemocraticY
WI4Rep. Gwendolynne Moore DemocraticY
WI5Rep. James Sensenbrenner Jr.RepublicanN
WI6Rep. Thomas Petri RepublicanN
WI7Rep. David Ross Obey DemocraticY
WI8Rep. Steven Kagen DemocraticN
WV1Rep. Alan Mollohan DemocraticY
WV2Rep. Shelley Capito RepublicanN
WV3Rep. Nick Joe Rahall IIDemocraticY
WYAt-LargeRep. Barbara Cubin RepublicanY

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