Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why doesn't the Media talk about what the Housing Bailout will do to the Dollar?

Was I the only one who noticed that when the bailout failed to pass through congress something remarkable happened.

The Dollar strengthened.... Oil prices came crashing back down to earth, and food prices (wheat, corn, soybeans) etc all became much more affordable.

The reason of course is because printing 700 billion dollars of more money and creating all that new debt would have destroyed the currency even further then it already has been the past decade. The media, however, only focuses on the stock market and how it will have an adverse effect on 401k and retirements.

The truth is that if the dollar becomes worthless there will be no retirement for anyone and we will have chaos.

The greatest threat facing the American middle class is not the stock market crashing, its the standard of living becoming wiped out because of a weak dollar. History has proven that when you inflate or destroy a currency the middle class always gets wiped out.

The bailout is not the answer to saving the American economy... the answer is having a strong dollar.

If a 29 year old blogger could figure this out, why can't Bernanke?

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Anonymous said...


Because my friend... dollar destruction is part of the plan.

Haven't you heard of the Amero?


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