Saturday, January 12, 2008

Change yourself and change the world

There was a man who wanted to change the world. He found that he wasn't making much progress, so he tried instead to change his country. This was also too difficult, so he tried to change his neighborhood. When he didn't have success there, he tried to change his family. Even that was easier said than done, so he settled merely on changing himself.

And he succeeded!

Then an interesting thing happened. Once he had changed himself, he had an effect on his family, and his family changed as well. And as his family changed, they had an effect on their neighborhood, and that changed as well. When his neighborhood changed, the country changed, too! And when his country changed, the world changed!

One man can change the world.

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Gray said...

"One man can change the world."
Indeed, but only if he isn't killed by a militant pighead before he succeeds.
Sry, but it has been MLK day and I'm in a bit of a dark mood today...

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