Monday, November 26, 2007

I have a sinking feeling the Stock Market is about to Crash.

Do you ever get one of those feelings that something catastrophic is about to happen? You have no concrete evidence, and you realize you could be completely incorrect, however you can't shake the feeling that something really bad is about to occur.

I think a perfect storm has been building; a clueless fed, a collapsing housing market, The big banks keeping losses off their books to fudge the numbers and ensure their Christmas bonus. The Countries GNP almost totally based on consumer spending, and worse yet, that spending is almost completely made possible by consumers racking up massive credit card debt. A currency that is rapidly becoming debased while jobs are being shipped over seas.

I just have that "gut feeling" that we are headed towards a meltdown of epic proportions and we are about to see a crash on the level of 87'.

Of course I could be wrong...but you know what they say,"Always trust your gut"


russdoggy said...

Were still here chicken little!

Anonymous said...

Still there now, russy baby?

Chris said...


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