Monday, November 5, 2007

The Yucca Arizona Golf Ball House

Quite Possibly the coolest house I have ever seen.

The Yucca golf ball home. 1-04.
Hank and Ardell Schimmel owned RV parks, hotels and restaurants in Wyoming. They were traveling along Interstate 40 on a winter visit to the state when they happened on the abandoned sphere. Hank bought it in 1981 and presented it to Ardell for her birthday. She says, "He's always buying something goofy." This fit right in.

In 1991, the couple moved into the sphere. They divided it into three levels with 3,400 square feet of floor space. A kitchen and den are on the lowest level. The living room and dining room are on the middle level. The bedrooms round out the top level. Each floor has its own full bath, and access by an outside stairway: 42 steps to the first level, 20 more to the second level, and 18 more to the top.

Why is this house featured on housing fear?

The owner has numerous models of UFO's surrounding his yard, complete with model aliens ascending the ramp towards his house. There is also a sign posted that reads, " Any trespassers will be shot."

...Now that's scary.


Anonymous said...

First of all, a woman owns the house, not a man. And she, under Arizona law, sometimes carries a 9mm Baretta on her hip. The place is called "Area 66" because it has been associated with UFO activity in the area. The dome glows at night to attract UFOs. I heard that she (the owner) is going to start to sell beef jerky soon to all the people that stop to take pictures.

Anonymous said...

This is my aunt and uncle, #1 she has never carried a weapon #2 from personal experoence ot does not shake

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