Thursday, November 8, 2007

Chinese Products Keep Poisoning our Children, and Destroying our manufacturing base.

American Corporate executive are truly genius. I can only imagine the board meetings...

1) "Lets ship all our factories over to China and produce our products for pennies on that dollar!"

2) "Sir... Won't that lower the quality of our product and cause Americans to lose their job?"

1) "We aren't in the business to employ Americans, we are in the business to make a profit!"

2) "But if we send all our manufacturing jobs over sea's, How will Americans afford our product"

1) With Credit cards moron!....By the way, YOU'RE FIRED!

Well the crap is hitting the fan now. Not only is consumer spending now almost completely funded by credit card and home equity mortgage debt because good manufacturing jobs have been replaced with low paying service jobs. China is adding injury to insult by poisoning our children.

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Marty said...

Sadly, there aren't many alternatives for shoppers on a budget. Almost everything low to moderately priced is made in China. For many products there are NO OTHER alternatives. You have to pay big bucks to get something from say, Italy, or Japan instead. Most Americans these days can't afford the higher end stuff. And of course NOTHING is made in the USA for any price.

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