Thursday, November 1, 2007

Inflation is rampant, Energy expenses at all time high, yet, Wages are stagnant.

Why are wages not rising?

Housing costs more money, Food costs have increased, Energy costs have skyrocketed, Consumer goods have increased. Yet wages are basically stagnant across the nation.

In the late 70's, during a time of great inflation, there were cost of living wage increases given to employee's every quarter to maintain the quality of life the worker was accustomed to.

Now, wages are not even increasing based on the phony government inflation numbers, much less rising based on the true amount of inflation and cost increasing hitting the wallet of the American Consumer.

The destruction of the US dollar is already being felt with people using credit cards just to supplement monthly income enough to get by each month. This can only go on so long before the minimum payments and the outrage of the American consumer catches up to the policy makers and big banks.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who cares about you, and cares about the dollar. Donate to the campaign and vote in the primaries this January.

You can't afford not to.

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