Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Starbucks a victim of the Housing Crash?

Now that everyones home equity is vanishing, Inflation is skyrocketing, and a significant amount of your disposable income is going to gasoline. Will you still be buying a $5.00 cup of coffee from Starbucks?

If you're my Fiance', the answer of course is YES!

However, I think its safe to assume that rational, sensible, regular Americans will be cutting back spending. (I hope she doesn't read my blog) ;)

Housing Fear champion Peter Schiff chimes in on this subject on Cavuto;


iortizvictory said...

Excellent point, that is one of the reasons why stopped drinking coffee. To expensive. I've switched to Jamba Juice instead on occassion but am not the coffee adict I used to be. The interesting thing is I don't miss it at all.

Chris said...

Its a very expensive habit, but I guess I would rather have her drink $5.00 coffee than smoke a $5.00 pack of cigarettes. :)

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