Monday, December 3, 2007

Supporters prepare to Launch the RON PAUL BLIMP!

Flight itinerary:

Dec. 7, there will be a pre-launch ceremony in Elizabeth City, NC.

Dec. 10, it will fly over Washinton D.C.

Dec. 12, it will make a flyover of Wall Street, in New York.

Dec. 14, it will arrive in Boston in time for the Tea Party moneybomb, which takes place Dec. 16.

From Dec. 18 on, it will be in New Hamshire.


How can anyone not be moved by this?
This is not the work of a campaign, or a billion dollar corporation, this is the result of regular people coming together on the internet to raise money for something and someone they believe in. The media will look on in horror as they realize that a new era has arrived and they can no longer influence who gets elected in this country.

On Dec 16th, there will be a blimp in the air over Boston, thousands of people in the streets, and a fundraising record being set over the internet.

The Ron Paul Revolution has begun.

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