Monday, December 10, 2007

Buy a Loft in Royal Oak Michigan, Get a free 2-year lease on a Land Rover.

Fear is definitely in the air regarding the housing crash in SE michigan.

The sign reads...

"FREE Land Rover 2 Year Lease
FREE Mortgage Payments For 1 Year
with purchase of loft"

The advertisement is almost tragically ironic considering that the reason the Metro-Detroit housing crash is underway is primarily due to job loss, plant closings, and lay-offs in the auto industry. It is kind of adding insult to injury offering a free lease on a foreign car to a person who can no longer buy the home because he lost his job thanks to people buying foreign cars in the first place.

Good luck guys. However, if you want my advice how to sell your lofts, its simple, lower the price.


Anonymous said...

LoLz the chick in the picture looks like she could be on American Gladiator.

Anonymous said...

US Auto Makers are paying the price for having "Home Grown Goods" that are more expensive than there imported counterparts. as well as almost one-sided Trade Agreements.

Don't Blame Rover for homegrown politics

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