Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Clueless Realtors advice to clients who can't sell their house... Stage your Refrigerator.

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“Are they living here?” is a frequent question from Michigan home buyers when looking at homes for sale. If in doubt, I head straight to the refrigerator for the answer. The contents usually tell me right away.

Last year one of our sellers took care of the “empty refrigerator syndrome” by leaving things in it that made the home look lived in. In addition to her jars of condiments, she left yogurt containers, eggs, and a half full milk jug. I have no idea what was actually in that milk jug, but it looked like milk. The things she left made it look like her family was still living in the home. They moved to New York a few months before their home sold, but it never looked vacant, which helped us close a sale on the home.

Now I would recommend that any seller who is going to be away for an extended time try refrigerator staging. Clean out the refrigerator well first then put back items that you don’t have to worry about looking spoiled over a longer period of time. Nothing stinky or too perishable, please. You’ll throw those of us doing the refrigerator test right off the track.

I guess all I have to say to this Realtor is.... LOL!
Here is a better idea, I will give some sound advice to all those who can't sell their house in the current market;





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