Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hilarious post on The Broker Outpost for your Enjoyment

Mortgage Broker who has been living in a cave for past year, poses this question to the Broker Outpost:

"I have noticed that a lot of the lenders I like to use keep going out of business (New Century, WMC, LownHome). Why would they do that? Has anyone else noticed this? What is going on in the market or with their bottom line to cause this? There are still plenty of customers, I don't get it."

The rest is pure comedy gold...Enjoy Here


russdoggy said...

dude you totally ripped off keith at housing panic. ever see that blog? Lots more posters than here but the stuff they say gets really weird sometimes- some of it is downright nuts.

but good comments come through- and he was right in his market calls on the credit problems.

Chris said...

I didn't rip Keith off.

If you read my original post I said that my blog was inspired by keith @ Housing Panic and I gave him full credit where it was due.

I made this blog because it got tiresome watching him overlook and miss great articles because he was to busy ranting about Countrywide.

I made this blog to post articles he missed, and be kind of like a side-kick blog to his website. However, he feels my blog looks to similiar (which is the whole point) and will not list me on his blog roll.

There are many great housing blogs out there that serve as inspiration to anyone who wants to write. Housing Doom, Irvine Housing Blog, Housing Panic. All of which were blogs I read daily and really enjoyed.

I like funny pictures, I like the ease of the blogger software to use, so of course my blog will have the same template as keith's.

I try very hard to not plagerize. I never write an article that he has, if you see an article on both sites i can promise I wrote mine earlier in the day.

I just enjoy writing. I am sure my blog will never be as popular as HousingPanic, HousingDoom or the other big names.

Thats not why I do it though, I write because its fun.

russdoggy said...

Ok I didn't pay attention. Still a good blog you have but it needs some mroe commenters with juicy conspiracy theories.

And really- this post was pretty funny. It's like that poster must have been living under a rock and working 15 hours a dday at the office.

And the muppet pimps (Waldorf and Statler?) are cool. Did you know that Snoop dogg was taped on this years muppet Xmas movie but subsequently edited out? I wish I could see those segments.

Chris said...

No problem.

I agree that it is the feedback from the community and the comments that make any blog great.

Most of the Housing Blogs have been around for 2 years so they have built up a big community and have lots of posters.

I am barely listed on the search engines and have only been around for 1 month.

I hope that as time passes, more people will view the blog, comment, and create a community here also.

... Snoop dog would make an excellent muppet pimp ;)

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