Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why is Congress Crying about AIG Bonus when they Created this mess with Bailouts?

Someone help me understand the logic here...

If I was emperor of America, AIG would have been allowed to fail, the company would have went bankrupt and no one would have gotten a bonus. Voila!

However, Congress in all of its wisdom, decided to bailout an insolvent insurance company (AIG). The company was insolvent because it was poorly ran.

So please tell me why Obama and congress are all in an uproar that the same morons who are responsible for the poor business choices that led to AIG's demise would make an equally foolish move in rewarding bonus's with ill-gotten taxpayer money.

Don't you get it you monkeys? you created this mess! you allowed this to happen by bailing out an insolvent company which would not even be around right now to issue a bonus check if not for your wrong doing in the first place.

When you reward stupidity...stupid will keep happening.

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