Monday, February 9, 2009

Sharpen your Pitchforks

If ye are beasts, then stand here like fat oxen, waiting for the butcher's knife! If ye are men, follow me! Strike down yon guard, gain the mountain passes, and there do bloody work, as did your sires at old Thermopylæ! Is Sparta dead? Is the old Grecian spirit frozen in your veins, that you do crouch and cower like a belabored hound beneath his master's lash? O comrades! warriors! Thracians! if we must fight, let us fight for ourselves! If we must slaughter, let us slaughter our oppressors! If we must die, let it be under the clear sky, by the bright waters, in noble, honorable battle!

Soon the time will come when the slaves stand up to their oppressors and become free.
Soon the time will come when the congress represents the people instead of working against them.
Soon the time will come when hard work is rewarded and laziness is punished.

Soon.... Americans will descend upon washington holding sharpened pitchforks and demanding justice.

Soon that day will come....For now...Sharpen that pitchfork!

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