Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Predictions for 2009


  1. The Dow drops to 6,000 at least once this year
  2. The Unemployment rate in Michigan rises to 15%, breaks 10% nationally
  3. The US Dollar will be significantly devalued
  4. Gold will rise above $1200
  5. Oil will double in price, and be approx 70-80 dollars a barrel due to dollar weakness
  6. The Real Estate market will continue to plummet in terms of home price index.
  7. Obama passes a massive stimulus plan sending more rebate checks to everyone.
  8. I pay off most, if not all of my outstanding consumer debt this year.
  9. The Dave Ramsey Show ratings go through the roof
  10. Americans stop spending money they don't have.

My Investment picks for this year are:

OPGSX Currently @$20.00
Bullish on Gold and Metals as hedge against Inflation

RERCX Currently @ $28.20
Bullish on Asian Currency compared to USD

DNLAX Currently @ $17.20
Bullish on Oil

As far as ETF's I like the following:

USO Currently @ $35.63
Oil is going to go up this year due to devalued US Dollar

UDN Currently @$24.98
Dollar is going down due to Bernanke and Obama's printing press

Currently @$86.23
Gold to da moon alice

Disclaimer: All investments have risk, these are only my opinions and I accept no responsibility for any money you may lose following my advice, likewise I expect no compensation for any money you may gain following my advice.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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