Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ron Paul Breaks down Obama and the NWO.

This is the scariest thing I have ever watched.

Part #1

Part #2


Malcolm said...

I wouldn’t worry about it, Jones is obviously off the deep end, and Paul discredits himself by agreeing to anything this man says.
We’ll forget for a moment that for at least the last 38 years people have been predicting this doom and gloom. We’ll forget that the identity of the ‘bad guy’ keeps changing, and that the “trigger event” also keeps changing (does anyone remember when David Rockefeller was supposed to be the anti-christ?)
Instead, simply listen to what Jones says in part two... ‘I believe that Barack Obama is probably the President that has me arrested. In fact I have pretty much foreseen it. A lot of us are going to be arrested. A lot of us are going to be hunted down and killed. A time of great darkness is upon us. Prepare for the real new world order.”
Like some of the TV preachers who have been looking for the second coming for the last 50 years, they cherry pick the news. Anything that agrees with their theories is shown as ‘proof’ that what they believe is true; anything that doesn’t agree is either ignored or minimized.
I mean seriously. Listen to what the man is saying…. Barack Obama is going to have roaming gangs of youth death squads to murder anyone do disagrees with his world plans?? Come on.

Gray said...

"This is the scariest thing I have ever watched."
Watched? Nothing to watch there, just an overlong rant by Ron Paul. After the first two minutes, I just checked random samples of the interview, didn't really want to spend 20 mintes on that crap. But it seems to me Paul simply repeats fearmongering prophecies about the difficult times ahead. I don't think this is helpful now. Really, how shall panic improve the situation now? What's necessary are pragmatic, responsible approaches to solving the crisis, and everybody who has reasonable, educated ideas should engage in this.

Honestly, I'm quite disappointed about the good doctor. I thought he would be above fingerpointing, and a positive force in the necessary reforms. It's sad.

Chris said...

I think that jones is off the deep end. However, Ron Paul is making logical arguments, siting evidence of meetings that are taking place, etc.

I am kind of surprised that you are totally willing to discount everything he is suggesting.

caffeine soldier said...

I'm not discounting EVERYTHING he said (I didn't hear everything!), I'm just saying that this kind of fearmongering isn't helpful right now. Confidence in the economy and in the governments's ability to get the nation on the right track again is essential for recovery. Ron Paul doesn't inspire any confidence now.

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