Thursday, June 7, 2012

Final approval for Harp 2.0

My loan has came out of underwriting and I have been granted a final approval for my Harp 2.0 refinance. I am scheduled to close early next week. I will have a 3.375% interest rate on a 15 year mortgage. This is a really great thing because even though my mortgage payment is staying nearly the same as it is currently on my 30 year mortgage. I am taking years off my mortgage, saving tens of thousands of dollars in interest, and I believe I can have this house paid off in 5 years due to the fact my income is going to double next year.

I lost basically everything that really mattered to me last year, but it is nice to have a fresh start and have something good happen for once. It is also good to see people rewarded who did the responsible, and the right thing, instead of rewarding the deadbeats and flippers.

I began this Harp 2.0 process back in October 2011 when I first heard about it, and it has taken 8 months to get to this point.

I guess nothing good comes easy!

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