Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wells Fargo is Ridiculous

I went into the office yesterday and my mortgage guy was not there. A lady was there and tried to argue with me that she had heard nothing about the new Harp 2.0 being an unlimited loan to value ratio. That what she had heard was the new Harp 2.0 would be a 125% limit.

I basically politely told her to put down the crack rock she was smoking, because the whole point of harp 2.0 was to refinance people who were deeply underwater, and even the paper work from fannie mae I read online says there is no limit on the loan.

She then pretends to make a phone call...and after talking with a guy agrees that there will not be a limit. But says she has no idea when the program will be ready.

How can they offer something like this in October, get everyone excited, and then 3 months later have idiots in their office not even know the basic premise of the program. Maybe she thought I would be dumb enough to apply for the harp 1.0 if she could trick me, I have no idea.

Just think that this whole thing is turning into a joke.

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