Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I would be wrong to say that the housing bubble and crash was the only cause of my failed marriage. However, I would say that it definitely was a contributing factor to it. My now ex-wife hated my condo. I really believe that when she was faced with the prospect of having to move back into it this spring, she decided to "explore her other options".

Now after helping her study, and pay her way through school, she has an education, a higher paying job, and no condo debt. She is now able to purchase the house she wants and live happily ever after.

I am stuck with a condo that is worth about $30,000....and I owe around $63,000 on the mortgage. I also have an additional 24,000 of "equity" into it (I payed $87,000 for the property in 2006) so there is no way I can just walk away since I have so much of my actual money invested into the property. On the bright side, I am graduating this December, Unfortunately, I still have another year of an unpaid internship to go before I too can make use of my degree and earn a higher salary.

My wife was not who I thought she was, and I am glad she is gone. But I must admit it is depressing that my financial situation now seems very hopeless while she gets a fresh start. I know what goes around comes around, and someday she will have done to her what she did to me...until then...

...I guess that is just the way life works out...

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