Sunday, July 6, 2008

Is the Housing Crash causing people to go Mad?

A little background...
There is a website based in England called

The site was created during the housing boom when wise homeowners decided to become "STR's" (Sell to Rent). They realized that house prices were much to high and due for a crash. The STR's sold their house at the peak, then rented a new house while keeping the profit from their home sale in a savings account with the intention of buying a home again when prices were low after the crash.

Bruno (the guy who made the video above) hated the STR's for doing this and has been making videos for the past 2 years chastising the STR's and denying that house prices would ever crash. Over time as the housing market melted down, much to his dismay, he has slowly become more and more insane, and his video's have shifted from economics and housing crash into very bizarre and disturbed rants.

In this video Bruno learns of the meeting place of the next meeting and makes a video threatening to shoot them all with his AK-47.

It seems that the housing crash is not only taking a toll on peoples financial health, but also their mental sanity.

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Anonymous said...

From the House Price Crash forum by their moderator on behalf of the London Police.

There was a posting on You tube recently by an individual suggesting that he
may turn up at a social function related to your website that is apparently
taking place on 8th July 2008 in Glasshouse Street, London, W1.

The person who posted this on You tube suggested that he would turn up with an
AK47 assault rifle and cause problems.

For your reassurance, police from West End Central Police Station have
arrested and charged Bruno Powroznik in connection with this.

Our assessment is that the risk level is LOW as it appears to be a misguided
prank and that such an attack will not happen.

If anyone has any concerns please telephone Detective Inspector Andy McDonald
on 020 7321 8870

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