Sunday, April 20, 2008

House prices are STILL to high!

Thinking of buying a home since prices have fallen this past year?

WAIT! prices will come down even further. The picture above shows the prices of a median priced home in conjunction with median household disposable income adjusted for inflation through the years.

Check out a close up view the graph HERE.

For the realtors who are calling a "bottom" on the housing market take a look at the graph and tell me how you get that information. We still have a long way to fall.


Or Just unplug the server... said...

More charts? Is this the best this site can do?

How about singling out the people and institutions that got us here and taking a stand with some attitude?


Is this blog worth coming back to or just more static and noise?

Or Just unplug the server...

Chris said...

Perhaps you did not read this article I wrote.

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