Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Good Guys vs The Bad Guys: Who is looking out for your best interest? and who are the Criminals and Traitors to the American People!



And The UGLY

With gas prices soaring to record highs, life savings being eroded away by inflation, and the housing market in complete disarray many people are starting to wake up to the fact that something is seriously wrong with this country.

It becomes very apparent when one does a little research that the government is working for their banker buddies on Wall Street and the special interest who take them out to lobster dinners rather then for the American people who they should be truly taking care of.

As the economy tumbles more and more rapidly towards economic collapse, many wonder who they can turn to to get the truth about why this is really happening. The Mainstream media has become a laughable joke of government propaganda that only tells one side of the story. Additionally the media rigs the outcome of political elections based on their biased and unbalanced airtime for certain candidates while unleashing a constant barrage of underhanded "POLLS" and polling data under the guise of reporting the will of the voters, when it is in fact these very polls that determine the outcome of elections because most people are swayed by them and will only vote for one of the top two candidates thus becoming a self fulfilling prophecy.

At the same time, most Americans are completely clueless because entertainment has become the opiate of the 21st century the same way religion was the opiate in Marx's time. American Idol, Playstation III, Wii, 24 hour sports, and free credit cards to anyone with a pulse keep even the poorest and most exploited Americans passive and content with their lives.

If you have come to this website and are reading this article, you have woken up to that fact that things are not as they appear and you have taken the first step to realizing the truth of what this country has become.

So who can you trust and who is an enemy to the constitution?

The Hero's


Say what you want about Ron Paul, but this is a man who loves America and the principles it is founded on more than any other man alive today. He fights for you in congress every day and stands up to the power, and evil that has taken control of our country. Ron Paul is the champion of the constitution and we need a few more congressmen exactly like him.

2) Peter Schiff

2 years ago this man was on TV predicting everything that happened in the past year and he was laughed at and ridiculed by the "experts" and "analyst" well... Everything he predicted has come true and he has made everyone else look like a fool. Peter Schiff is the God of economics and if you need to know where to put your money, read what he has to say and you will not go wrong.

3) Lou Dobbs

I was watching his show last week and he was talking about the outsourcing of an air force contract that went to a French company and cost Americans thousands of jobs. Watch the emotion he shows when discussing the loss of American jobs and tell me it doesn’t move you a little bit.

4) Glenn Beck

I did not like the way this guy treated Ron Paul, but he does see what’s going on and wrote a book called “An Inconvenient truth” which brings to light many of the things I have been talking about on this blog since last fall.

5) Bloggers.

You want the truth?


But we give it to you anyway. Miami Condo Investments, Housing Panic, Housing Doom, and all the rest give you the real information and let you make your own decisions.

The Bad Guys

1) Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve.

Bernanke and the fed will continue to destroy the dollar and cause inflation to skyrocket in a futile attempt to keep undeserving irresponsible people in houses they don't deserve and to bail out the bankers on wall street at the expense of your standard of living.

2) The Military Industrial Complex

War makes a lot of money, and these guys make money building the bombs and planes that are being used in no win police actions like Iraq. The have donated a ton of money to Hillary and McCain and they want the war to go on forever so their profits keep rising at the expense of tax payers.

3) The Big Oil Companies

Enjoy $5.00 a gallon gas because its coming soon.

4) Wall Street

The disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street is staggering. While regular Americans on Main street are having a hard time putting gasoline in their car and buying food, the multi-million a year hedge fund managers are living a lifestyle most people only dream of and feel absolutely no hint of recession as the stock market soars to new highs (due to the crashing dollar) which devastates the standard of living of main street.

5) 90% of Realtors and Mortgage Brokers

This clip says it all.

You want the truth?

The truth is a revolution is brewing.


marinite2 said...

Amen brother!

Gray said...

While I think you're watching too much Fox TV, Chris, I have to admit this was entertaining. Isn't it remarkable how people like the shrill blonde think they are helping their side by publicly exploding in such a way? Even people who know next to nothing about the bubble will have sided with Schiff. Hehe

Anonymous said...

You need to get your phone NOW

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Big Oil - Big Evel, right... They make about 9 cents per gallon while The Gov't makes 51... Don't be a fool, study the subject.


Anonymous said...

The only evil people are the American consumer. They believed that we could but trillions of dollars of cheap Chinese junk and still be able to get a good job.
Ron Paul is a wrong. A strong dollar only helps U.S. consumers buy more cheap junk from over seas.
If you want to save this country then buy U.S. products. Free trade is not free.

Laura'sBUSH said...

Agree wholeheartedly !!

Ron Paul might not be the most polished presenter you have ever seen, especially when you are used to the slick snake oil salesmen we seem to prefer, BUT we all need to WAKE UP!!!

The guy speaks the 100% unvarnished truth, especially about the power the FED has just stepped right up and TAKEN!!

Our country is in some DEEEEP DEEEP Shyttt if we don't question this and allow Congress and the FED Carte Fuc#$@ing BLANCHE to pilfer as much money as they want and trample on our constitutional rights they way they have!!

PETER SCHIFF-- God, what can I say but that I LOVE this man for his principals and unwavering determination to educate the sheeple in the midst of so many idiots that just want to keep the party going. Love, Love, LOVE YA!

CONNIE DEGROOT- 1 word for you--

REALTWHORE!! When you look up this word in the dictionary, there is a picture of her lying, dinasour hide and nothing else is even needed.

OK, my rant is done for now...

It's Vodka Tonic Time!!

Aaron said...

Is that first picture your father?

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