Monday, February 11, 2008

Truer words have never been spoken.

“Capitalism without failures is the worst form of socialism.”


Gray said...

Sry, Chris, but I Don't think I ever heard such a mind-boggling nonsense before.

Chris said...


Think about it...

If you are some banking executive and you know that you can take any stupid risk imaginable and you will only be rewarded for it, how is that capitalism?


If you make a stupid, risky investment that pays off... You profit heavily and get rewarded financially, and maybe even with a promotion and a corner office.

If you make a stupid, risky investment that fails miserably... The US GOVERNMENT bails you out with tax payer money, you lose nothing, and you get to try again next month learning nothing.

The fact that the government bails out stupidity and irresponsibility and takes away any punishment or consequence from making bad business choices clearly is the worst form of socialism.

True Capitalism rewards good business sense and punishes greed and stupidity.

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