Tuesday, October 23, 2007

California fires a godsend to FB's

You heard it hear first folks!

Housingfear is predicting that for the first time in history people are celebrating their houses burning down.

Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Fires in Southern California have burned more than 267,000 acres (106,800 hectares), making them among the worst in the state's history as the blazes destroyed hundreds of homes.

``This is what is left of my home,'' Larry Himmel, a reporter for San Diego's Channel 8, said yesterday during a broadcast while standing in front of his house in flames. ``This is what I came home to.''

More than 4,000 firefighters are fighting 15 wildfires in seven counties, according to Mary Ann Aldrich, a spokeswoman for the State Joint Information Center. At least 576 homes and 102 commercial buildings have been destroyed and more than 15,000 additional homes are threatened, she said.

15 fires set in seven counties? Anyone want to place bets that Orangezillo is somehow involved and is trying to, "clear some inventory ". All joking aside, one thing is clear, fire and the corresponding insurance payment will bail out these fb's a lot quicker than water.

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